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Found a game that feels like planetside. Huge battles

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SkillaThrilla said...
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Hey guys, I use to play Planetside alot back in the day, but I found a better game with some Planetside aspects!

There is no LvLs in darkfall, well in a way there are lvls every spell and ability can be lvled to 100, so if you wanted to be melee you would just lvl up your swords by killing others with it.

Darkfall Online is a MMORPGFPS It is a mmo but also a FPS in a open world. 10,000 Players per server.

ever since I quit planetside I have been playing Darkfall and I tell you that it is hands down the best game I have ever played, and I have played Many games.

This Game has everything:


* Role-playing, strategy, and shooter action in a MMOG
* The largest handcrafted online world of its kind.
* Over 10 thousand concurrent players per game world.
* The largest MMORPG battles ever - involving thousands.
* Ultimate PvP action, the #1 choice of top players and clans.
* Seamless, zoneless, non-instanced world. No invisible walls.
* No safe zones. Full loot. PvP everywhere with accountability.
* No more leveling. Improve the skills you use.
* Fight on mounts, ships, man cannons and vehicles.
* Siege and conquer cities, build and protect your own.
* Craft any item in the world and put your name on it.

If you also want to talk about Gains, Look at this map: http://www.afraidyet.net/forums/misc.ph ... rkfall_Map

People fight over City's every day!

Why do they want another stupid city?

Every city is Unique, some city's have Rare ore mines that give out Theril Ore.
What is Theril ore? Theril ore is the rarest ore in the game used to build endgame Ships/ Seige Vehicles/ Weapons/Armor/ (only 5 Theril mines exist on the map)

There are also 2 types of other mines not as rare, but are also used to make end game items, Leenspar & neithel mines//// and Selintine & Velron mines. only about 10-15 of these mines on the map, some are not built yet.

There are also only 5 Foundry that can be built in 5 city int he game:
What is a foundry and whats the point of owning one?

You can produce tanks to break down enemy walls during a seige and some of the bigger tanks have flame throwers, but clans need to be careful because if a skilled pvp group can get in the tank and clear out the crew they can turn it around and rape with it.

Harbors and shipyards!
A harbor is used to despawn a ship, and a shipyard is used to Create the best ships in the game. There are only 5 shipyards in the game and every clan wants one.

Quarries/ Groves and farms! Most cities own 1 or 2 of these and the really amazing city's own all of these and a mine.

Why are they important? so your clan / alliance can have a steady supply of resources to defend and siege your enemy's.

Well thats a few reasons why people siege, and clearly you can bind your clan to your city. (the more houses/ building built in a city the more clan members /alliance members can be bound there.

O yea and here is the political map, which changes every day.


Darkfall Videos: Going to link a few.

PlanetSide (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 19/MAY/03
Emblem for BLACK

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